“UNCHAINED: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross” WINS EMMY AWARD!
May 14, 2017


The acclaimed NETFLIX feature documentary from TAUBLIEB Films and Crusty Demons, backed by Monster Energy, “UNCHAINED: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross” won the EMMY for Outstanding Long Documentary on Tuesday, May 9th at a ceremony hosted by National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Written, Directed and Produced by Paul Taublieb, in true cinematic fashion  “UNCHAINED” tells the adrenaline-soaked story of the birth and explosion of the most extreme sport on the planet, Freestyle Motocross.  Narrated by Academy Award-nominated actor Josh Brolin, who also serves as Executive Producer, it stars the pioneers of the sport, including Travis Pastrana, Seth Enslow, Brian Deegan, Mike Metzger and Carey Hart, along with the likes Jeremy McGrath, Cameron Steele, Tes Sewell, Jeff Emig, Eric Johnson, Stephen Astephen and Micky Dymond, among others.

“UNCHAINED” was produced by TAUBLIEB Films and Crusty Demons. Executive Producers Mark Hall, Susan Cooper, Sam Pontrelli, Mitch Covington, Jeff Bowler, Dana Nicholson, Nat McCormick, Brian O’Shea and Brolin.  Co-Producer/Co-Director Jon Freeman.  Co-Producer Stacy Transou.  Consulting Producer Eric Johnson. Associate Producers Marc Levine, Chris Ackerman, Brian Meehan and Doug Parsons.  Director of Photography Chris Zamoscianyk.  Lead editor Carl Cramer.  Produced in conjunction with Monster Energy.

“I’m grateful to so many people who made this possible, especially the stars of the film, who let us tell their stories.  And also to the team at Monster Energy who supported this effort and the sport of freestyle motocross itself right there from the beginning, thanks to Monster’s Mark Hall,” said Taublieb, for whom this is his second Emmy.  “I’m also in debt to my wife and partner, Susan Cooper, who provides the backbone for TAUBLIEB Films, and also to everyone at ESPN and the X Games who took a rebel sport and helped build it into a truly global phenomenon.  And have to add that the gravitas and passion Josh Brolin brought as narrator added a layer of impact to the film as he’s genuinely passionate about the riders and the sport.”

“UNCHAINED: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross” is available on NETFLIX, iTunes and Amazon Prime.

Here’s link the trailer of “UNCHAINED”:


AND Josh Brolin talked about his experience working with Taublieb and on the film – click here!


Special Thanks to Monster Energy and ESPN X Games!



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