Packaging, Pre-selling and Distributing Wonderfilm Content Around the Globe

Wonderfilm excels at packaging its productions by pre-selling its films. For the Wonderfilm movie, Primal, Nicholas Cage as the star generated a quantifiable maximum and minimum value in different markets around the world. These known “ask and take” values are then joined with funds and incentives, like tax credits, to form the production’s budget. Outside sales agents pre-sell the movie around the world based on the known value and often secured these funds prior to filming. Final delivery of the film also includes revenue splitting with the distribution company once sales exceed the minimum pre-sold amount.

In the future, since distribution companies charge fees and keep half the profits, Wonderfilm’s profit strategy is to add key subsidiaries, such as in South Korea, to build a constellation of worldwide Wonderfilm distribution channels that both invest into new Wonderfilm productions and sell completed Wonderfilm content.

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